Custom Design

Labels are made of High Quality Sticker Material laminated with an extra of layer of film to resist scratch and fade ! Proven 100% Waterproof, Weatherproof & Tamper resistant ! Labels are self-adhesive & pressure sensitive enabling easiness of application.

Take note :
Sticker labels DO NOT sit well with soft, stretchable or flexible material surfaces. Depending on area of application surface, curved or round edges may prove difficulty for labels to be applied.

Flat and Solid surface

15 pcs 62 mm x 10 mm (Rectangular)
32 pcs 46 mm x 7.8 mm (Rectangular)
40 pcs 37 mm x 6 mm (Rectangular)

6 pcs 31 mm x 27 mm (Square)
5 pcs 38 mm (Round)
9 pcs 32 mm x 24 mm (Triangle)

RM 30.00 30.0 MYR

RM 30.00

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